Seventh Annual Week-Long LAN Party

This year’s Week-Long was one of the best in recent years, I’ve moved this page to a blog entry to preserve it and get it out of the way.

Dates and Location

This year’s Week-Long LAN Party will be held from June 22 to June 26th. If you need directions you’re not invited.

The following schedule merely formalizes activities during the peak hours of 6pm–11pm. Gaming will likely commence from noon until whenever people want to quit for the day, and will be less formal for non-peak hours.

Weds Set up and troubleshooting DotA tutorial (for the interested) 6pm–11pm: Watch Firefly pilot and a few exemplary episodes Thurs $10 BBQ Money Due! 6pm–11pm: DotA Fri 12pm–4pm: WoW BBQ 6pm–11pm: SW Battlefront Sat 12pm–4pm: WoW 6pm–11pm: Unreal Tournament 2004 Sun Free for all Clean up


We will have a barbeque to kick off Friday evening. In order to participate you must submit $10 to Master Chef Gatt by Thursday. If we are able to get more than twleve people (ideally fourteen or fifteen) we will get an entire rib eye from Costco. Let’s make this happen; start saving your money now.


Light snacks and candy and hallucinatory Redvines will be provided. You are responsible for your own meals! There will be a microwave, Foreman Grill, fridge, and sink available.


In an effort to reduce down-time, you must have the following games installed, patched, and not pirated before you arrive at the party. Use Windows, run Windows Update and make sure you’re using the latest drivers for your hardware. Broken people will not be pitied. Expect the Asshole Police to verify your setup before the week of the party.


It’d be nice to reclaim a little of our LAN party glory of old, so please use the comment function below to discuss how we should organize this one. Comment moderation is on due to spam, so expect a delay before it shows up on the site.


  • BDGatt Beware this guy’s massive wang when he’s spinning around. Unless you’re a chick, I guess.
  • BoBzrKr He wins most of his victories by secretly ping-flooding your box while he’s playing you.
  • CptLukebeard An anti- vegetarian who’ll soundly pound your ass with his protein-enhanced muscles of manliness.
  • Exaphic This guy’ll think circles around your lame defenses before truly emasculating you.
  • Faggot Ass Nigger Suitable for audiences 18 and older.
  • Harrigan Often complains. This really isn’t a good bio though.
  • Jason
  • RocketJuice Randomly-generated perfection.
  • The Man ‘Nuff said!
  • Tzeench He’s 1337-er than you are. Beware his mad, ninja skillz.
  • Zaero He’s a hardware guy

Archived Comments


First idea for discussion: Tribes: Vengeance

None of us have ever played a Tribes game, dispite a pretty rabid cult following. That means no familiarity with maps, weapons, and whathaveyou. Eye-ball the Gamespot video review We could alll pick it up for $20 (or maybe less locally). However, maybe that’s too much for a game we’ll likely never play after the party.

Second idea for discussion: Star Wars: Battlefront

Battlefield 1942 made a pretty decent impression on everyone at a previous LAN. Star Wars: Battlefront is the exact same game, but Star Wars.

Third idea for discussion: Defense of the Ancients

DotA, a Warcraft III mod, can be spectacularly fun but has a steep learning curve. It’s likely that through the course of the week we’ll have enough people to flesh out a whole team. We can have printed quick reference sheets available which will greatly help with familiarity.


I have recieved a request for the complete and total lack of dungeon crawlersand MMORPGs. A counter idea I heard would be to set aside certain days of the party for certain games so you would know what to expect before-hand.

Make yourselves heard!

Food is another issue that creates a lot of downtime and dissension. Would everyone be ok with a door charge? If so, what kinds of food would everyone want? Peanut butter and jelly? Frozen burritos and ramen? What else? We could have a microwave downstairs.

Let me be the first non-Seth person to applaud the noble efforts of efficiency (but not spelling, on my part). Hear, hear!

I vote that people eat beforehand and/or bring their own food; much time can be wasted running around and picking up fast food. If we have a Grocer, like Seth, we should definately have a door charge for the food. Last time we did this, very few people paid him back and that was total bullshit. Money up front.

I think Gatt’s idea of certain days being flagged as ok for certain contentious game types (dungeon crawl, RTS, etc) is good. People can skip those days if they work or have shit to do and don’t like what’s on the menu.

I want to hear what people think of various FPS modes, especially UT ‘04. We tend to do CTF on like 4 maps for 14 hr. when we do it, which gets tiresome. I’m game for Double Domination, Onslaught, Instagib CTF, Team Deathmatch and Bombing Run. Am I the only one who wants to play these?

For Dugeon Crawl Day (if it ends up existing), we should do 1-2 instances in WoW. Mauradon and the Sunken Temple have been suggested. Anyone interested in those, or have other ideas?

For food, everything Seth said sounds good. Frozen pizzas also sound good. We could actually (gasp and shock!) cook a butt-ton of pasta and ground hamburger (1/2 assed meatballs) or sausage (turkey, for Gatton) to put in it. It would be more work but yummier. If that sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, let’s not do it.

The games above look good to me, I have no problems with any of them. If some people want to do regular Warcraft Arranged Team that might be fun, or we could fight each other. Also, my posse liked Rise of Nations well enough, so if you have that bring it just in case the mood strikes during RTS Day.

That’s all I got for now. Let’s rock the party.

Faggot Ass Nigger
Tzeentch and i have randomly decided we want to play this game
I’m definitely in a Dota way these days; you probably won’t get me for anything else.

I for one am really looking forward to trying out Tribes: Vengence. From what I know of the tribes games, they have a much larger strategic element than most run and gun FPSs, but still play fast like UT. The system reqs won’t kill us, and I think $20 isn’t a bad investment.

SW: Battlefront would be a good time, I think, but I’m not sure that we should try for both it and Tribes. The $50 price tag is the kicker there. I can see myself playing tribes after the party, but Battlefront would probably just collect dust.

DotA is a given. I like the game, and It’ll probably make a great side-game. Moonbase Commander is another great side-game.

What we’re lacking is a good cooperatlive game. The problem with those is that you need the same people around every time you continue. If anyone can think of any good ones, though, I’d love to hear about it.

It hasn’t been mentioned here yet, so I thought that I’d talk about a Firefly screening. Seth and I have been planning on watching all 14 episodes, in the weeks before the release of Serenity (the Firefly movie). We thought the LAN party might be a good place to start with the pilot.

If you havn’t seen any Firefly yet, just know that its a great sci-fi television series. I’d like to hear what people think about watching the pilot, and maybe a couple more episodes.


Firefly, yeah definitely.

I’d like it to be more than just downtime filler too (again, if people are interested), it’d be nice to spend two or three hours one night, or maybe an hour a night.

If you haven’t seen ‘em you’re in for a treat. It’s Joss Wheadon writing though so in order to appreciate it you have to pay attention (ie. we couldn’t play and watch).

Big Daddy Gatt

Planning for food is definately a good plan, i’ve also talked to seth about a possible BBQ on Friday, the menu would be some seriously tasty steaks from Costco. If we are interested enough to get a pot of $ going for food we could feasibly get Ribeyes for everyone if all that are interested will chip in 7 or 8 bucks. If you have not had a costco ribeye i strongly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity bitches, I will play grill master so y’all can game until it’s ready then we’ll all go in the yard and get our grub on, if you are interested call my cell phone and leave a message, or text me or send me some WoW mail, i’d really like to get this going it would be a nice change from the totaly shit we’ll be eating the rest of the week. Also i don’t know how it could have gone unsaid, but we need Redvines, and belive me we will have a costco tub of them.

I definately don’t want to buy any 50$ games and i doubt i’m alone on this, if we can use ‘alternate methods’ to cop SW then i’m down i think it will be fun. I believe Harrigan is working on a solution as i type this.

DotA will be TONS of fun so i’m really looking forward to this.

As far as co-op goes i think the best thing would be WoW for most of us, sunken temple would be good, also some of us still have cough Uldaman to worry about.

UT is a given, i’m am happy to play most game types.

Q3 also has some wicked fun DM.

If my availability comes into question i should have thursday through saturday off.

‘I got the magic stick, i know if i can hit once, i can hit twice’.‘50 cent (in reference to the BDG)

Faggot Ass Nigger

I agree with Red Vines. If any of you dicklickers try to push those douchy gummy bears down our gullets again, i will fist your mothers until she has knuckles for teeth.

Oh, and yes, Firefly is cool.

Faggot Ass Nigger

DotA as a ‘side-game’ Brandon’ Surely you jest. Front and fucking center.

When you all say a ‘cooperative’ game, do you mean like an RPG? I mean, all of these team games are cooperative?. Are you looking for something that saves your progress from day to day and progresses, like Serious Sam or Dungeon Seige?

Faggot Ass Nigger
For the record, the last post was not me. some stupid imposter who writes like Seth aparently.

Sorry for the impersonation. You have to admit that was a pretty good Seth pretending to be Joe pretending to be Seth, though.

By cooperative I think we mean Serious Sam-ish cooperative single player. With some of the games like DotA and SW: Battlefield if we’re all on the same side then it accomplishes what we’re hoping for. With Tribes or UT we’ll only be fighting (sometimes gay) bots or each other.

Incidentally, there’s a Serious Sam 2 in the works due out this Fall or Winter, so plan on a celebratory LAN party just for that.


For all of you who want to play Tribes, I’ve found it for $17.50’description=32-202-007&depa=6 plus shipping.

Another option I would like to all to consider is this, I’ve heard Deathmatch on it is really fun. The game is only $30, and there’s a fair amount of mods for it.


and obviously I don’t know how to code html? Seth, Could you fix that last post for me? maybe? please? the other game I wanted ya’ll to consider wat Half-Life 2, which is only $30.

Seth edit: np, buddy. Halflife 2 for $30 really isn’t bad at all. I’m sure I’d get around to it at some point, maybe this is a good opportunity. How does everyone else feel about it? BoB, what kind of multiplayer (non-mod and with-mod) options are available? Other than Counter Strike Source I mean.

Goddamnit I fucking hate motherfucking donkey raping piece of shit windows 2000? After installing 42 critical update for windows 2000, the damn thing died.
Faggot Ass Nigger
Bob, you may be interested in this site: www.i’
There will be a meeting at the pad at 21:00 today (Tuesday) to discuss specifics and barbeque.

Meeting Update

The meeting went well, I think we covered most everything. The above page has been updated to reflect the decisions made.

New Game Idea

How would everyone feel about resurecting Savage ? Last Week Long we tried an /early/ build and did not have many people playing, the game is much better now and we could get a pretty big game going if we focused our efforts. Featuring both RTS and FPS elements, it has the potential to really make this party. It’s available from the official site for a $20 downloadable version.

Big Daddy Gatt
I think that savage would be a really good idea, this game is seriously fun and if we have the people power for it, it could easily dominate this lan party in the fashion of the original UT or Serious Sam in years past. Please try to get some feedback posted either positive or negative on this one so we can get this going.

Thanks for the invite bitch! Not that I would have gone anyway, I’ll be at eBay Live in San Jose. But I totally would have gone if you had asked? except for, oh yeah right, who the crap plays games? What are all of you, 12 year olds?

(I’m not talking about you though big Gatt, I’d take your adorable little figure bent over a barrel ;-)

A cool thing about Gatt’s massive wang is you don’t have to bend him over anything, you can just bend him over himself!

Savage, eh? I liked that game the first 2 times we tried it, but i agree that its Early Build Quotient was somewhere between lame and horrible. Melee combat was a joke, only humans were playable ? the whole game felt unpolished, unbalanced, and harder than it needed to be to do simple things (can i get a ‘hell yeah’ for idle workers not being shown, repairing requiring you to hit the attack button 600 times, poor item funtionality in many cases, and uninformative rollover text?).

But i really liked the idea of Savage. It seemed like a dream come true for LAN parties, what with the multiple elements involved. If the game doesn’t suck anymore, i’d play.

Faggot Ass Nigger
Hell yeah.
Count me in on friday for food. Let me know if I can bring anything.

I’m just a nobody who stumbled on the site, and obviously I am not part of your l33t circle, but i gotta say this lan party is the most outrageous geek- fest i’ve ever seen.

You might want to throw ina game of ultimate or something in there, i mean just sanity’s sake.

Game on.!

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