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Sony Ericsson K700i

Eager to have a mobile PIM in my pocket once again, and inspired by SVG-T and Bluetooth I have purchased the Sony Ericsson K700i.

Sony Ericsson K700i
Sony Ericsson K700i

It works fabulously with my Apple Powerbook. I’m able to synchronise my calendar and address book over Bluetooth, with only a few bugs that are being worked out. I can use the phone as a remote control for various applications which is proving to be very useful. And bravo to Ericsson for using an open standard for putting together custom HID plugins. Lastly, Quicktime has a built-in export profile for 3G media files so getting video and audio in a size-appropriate format is a three-click maneuver.

The little J2ME interpreter is pretty speedy for a phone, but unfortunately not fast enough to run a playable NES emulator. I’ve got an SSH client on there, but at $0.03 per kilobyte of data transfer through AT&T, I can’t imagine I’ll be using it much.

It includes an FM radio since it’s a trivial energy-drain on the battery, but the hands-free kit cords double as the antenna and won’t work without which is a shame since they are constantly tangled. I intend on picking up a wireless Bluetooth headset soon. The white LED flash doubles as a decent flashlight, and the camera has a variety of effects available including a three-shot panoramic view.

All the reviews I read claimed it gets horrendous battery life. I managed to drain a full charge in a little over twelve hours with heavy bluetooth usage, but when I just make a few calls and check the calendar once or twice I can stretch it out to at least two days, maybe three if I really took it easy.

All things considered, the K700i is a fantastic phone with a great many features all packed into a little tiny case. It was definitely a good buy.