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The Elements of Typographic Style

Thanks to Nat for letting me borrow The Elements of Typographic Style (ISBN: 0881792063).

Update: I’m glad I looked at bn.com on a whim, the 3.0 edition was released last month (this month?) and Amazon was still selling an old version. As it is a .0 revision I’ve heard rumors it sports a more in-depth look at digital typography, but hard info is a little hard to come by -possibly because it’s so new.

I don’t know why I was so hesitant to buy a typography book without looking through one first - this book is certainly not what I was expecting, and will be picking up a copy of my own in short order.

Possibly I was expecting something a little more dry; possibly one man’s opinion on what styles are used at what times. But if this doesn’t sell you, you’re probably more boring than I am:

“Yet generations of men and women have turned to writing and printing to house and share their deepest hopes, perceptions, dreams and fears. It is to them, not to the extortionist – nor to the opportunist or the profiteer – that the typographer must answer.”