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Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Bug Review

Lotta reviews of OS 10.4 floating around these last few days. Instead of reporting all the things you’ve read (or don’t care about) again here, I’ve decided to post a review of all the bugs I’ve encountered with 10.4 since it was released. In an effort to minimize non-OS bugs the only third-party software I’m currently running is the excellent Menu Meters which claims to be 10.4-ready.

iSync 2.0 (78)

One of the things I was most looking forward to with Tiger was improved Bluetooth support as well as an improved iSync since I use both to keep my address book and calendar on my cell phone. On the very first sync Tiger replaced all the address book entries in my cell phone with the two entries (myself and Apple) on my computer. Since then Bluetooth has been very flakey, sometimes seeing my phone, othertimes not.

Incidentally, if you know my cell phone number I’d appreciate it if you could call me so I can start reassembling my social life.

Thanks, Apple.

Custom number formats

When customizing my preferred number format (CCYYMMDD) in the /International/ section of the /System Preferences/ I found that I’m able to customize either everything but the /short/ format or nothing except the /short/ format. Extremely annoying.


When cmd-tabbing between running applications often X11 won’t bring it’s windows to the foreground, forcing me to use Expose to get back to what I was working on.

wget vs curl

Not really a bug or a complaint, but I thought it was interesting that Apple included curl but not the ubiquitos wget in the base OS.

Tiger is not completely bug-ridden, these are just a few examples I noticed while messing around. So far I’ve been enjoying most of the additions to my primary operating system, and am looking forward to the first patch.

Update 2005–09–07: Finally! They’ve released an iSync update today that has fixed the K700i. A four-month turn around is pretty horrible. But, hey, I can start syncing my calendar again!