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Sling laptop bags, a review

It seems that most reviews for the two popular MacBook sling bags consist of the manufacturer’s promotional text, verbatim. WTF? Making a decision on a laptop bag for me is second only to the decision on the laptop itself. I’m going to be carrying that thing around every day for the next couple years - it had better be comfortable and do what I need.

I bought the Sling Blade Runner from MacCase based on the single unbiased-sounding review I could find. This bag is way bigger than a MacBook, don’t be fooled by slightly misleading quotes on the official page - it fits a MacBook Pro after all. My favorite thing about sling bags is that you can swing them under your arm and hold them in front of your body to get at the contents without setting them down or having stuff fall out (see the photo). The Sling Blade Runner isn’t designed to allow this type of mobile access since the two main pockets are facing away from each-other - one pocket is always face-down when the other is face-up.

So I returned MacCase’s sling bag and bought an Everki Fling Light I couldn’t be happier with this bag. Not only does is allow for the quick, mobile-access described above but it has total ten little pockets for various small items (e.g. Nintendo DS, MacBook remote, earphones, glasses, eye-drops, external mouse, AV(audio-visual) cables) so there’s little excuse to have loose things jumbling around inside your bag. The main pocket has two velcro dividers allowing you to customize the space for your laptop perfectly (the MacBook is an awesome, snug fit!). The dividers allow you to make use of all that extra space, if you have a small laptop, by creating even more pockets (I use mine for the power adapter).

If you’re looking for a sling laptop bag with enough extra room for a school-book or two, the MacCase Blade Runner will fit the bill nicely. If you’re looking for a sling laptop bag to comfortably and securely hold your laptop and all the little things that come with a laptop you will not be disappointed by the Everki Fling Light.